2406, 2014

Photo’s at Mighty Dub Fest Druridge Bay 2014

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406, 2014

The Garden Station with Canny Campers

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In 2013 Canny Campers provided our Beetle ‘Millie’ for a wedding. The ceremony was held in a very quirky and vintage location called The Garden Station.

The Garden Station is a restored Victorian railway station in a woodland garden in Langley-on-Tyne, near Hexham in beautiful Northumberland.

The Garden Station can provide an alternative and unique venue in […]

705, 2014

‘Little Joe’ recommends Camping at Helmsley North Yorkshire

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I always get a bit tetchy for a holiday in early May, or to be precise the 03rd of May! Looking back at my 2013 holiday snaps I noticed my first holiday of 2013 was the exact date of my first holiday 2014.

After selling my laser cutter and a beautifully placed Thursday wedding on the […]

1703, 2014

Little Joe’s 2014 Make Over

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Our 2014 season is now underway with thanks to our first couple Trevor and Sal who were married on the 15 March. We wish you all the best for the future and thanks again for choosing Canny Campers for your wedding transport!

For our 2014 season we felt ‘Little Joe’ needed a bit of a makeover […]

1401, 2014

Why use our North East VWs 4 Weddings

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In this short but informative blog, I will try and outline what makes Canny Campers a great North East company to provide transport for your wedding. I will go with my favoured format of bullet points! Gives me time to think in stages rather than long sentences!!

We spend between 1.5 – 2 hours cleaning […]

1811, 2013

Glamping at Wild Northumbrian Tipis and Yurts

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Hello again Canny Camper – Ettes!

Once again, I am going to blog about camping (very wedding related!) in this case it could probably be better known as Glamping, which is just another made up word for 2013, like chillaxing or mullerlicious?

Wild Northumbrian is situated in the Upper North Tyne Valley, in the area of Tarset […]

2808, 2013

VW Themed Wedding Favours / Favors / Splitscreen Campervan and Beetle

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In 2008 I achieved one of my lifes ambitions to own a classic VW camper van and now use “Little Joe” my 1964 VW splitscreen camper van as part of my VW wedding hire company. There is a huge interest in VW vehicles all over the world and I realised that although you can get […]

1807, 2013

Volkspower V Redcar Festival 2013 Photos

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We are half way through the wedding season and who would have thought in the middle of July, I would get the chance again to go to the VW Festival in Redcar called Volkspower.

Every year I seem to get to this festival even though this is my busiest time of year for weddings!

Volkspower is organised […]

2305, 2013

Doncaster Classic VW Festival

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Welcome, to my latest blog post.

Here we have some photo’s that I took at Doncaster’s Classic VW Festival in Hatfield.

A fantastically well organised event and we really had a good time.

I enjoyed this show as you could also walk into the village due to it being a proper campsite. Many VW Festivals are held at a […]

904, 2013

What to take on a camping trip!

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In an attempt to provide some useful, albeit non-wedding related content on my web-site I had to think, what has been useful to me time and again.

The answer is my camping list.

The list came about as when I was just 17 I bought my first tent, actually my only tent as it’s still the one […]