updated 14 September 2023 

Customers should note that by hiring any vehicle from Canny Campers you must comply with the following agreement and be bound by the terms and conditions herein for the agreed Hire Date.



“Canny Campers” owned by Paul Batey trading address: 13 Broadpark, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE10 8HW trading as Canny Campers

“Hirer” or “Other Party” means the customer who has agreed to hire any Vehicle from Canny Campers subject to these terms and conditions and includes a business that operates on behalf of a client such as a wedding planner or event organiser

“Hire Date” means the agreed date of Hire for which any Vehicle is being used by the Hirer

“Vehicle/s” means any vehicle provided for Hire by Canny Campers and its associated equipment

“GDPR” means General Data Protection Regulation


The Hirer accepts responsibility for every person in their party and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as detailed below:

1. Payment

1.1 A non-refundable deposit of £100 per hired vehicle must be paid to secure a booking, which will be deducted from the balance due. Full payment must be made to Canny Campers at least 2 weeks prior to the Hire Date. The full hire price will be payable for any late bookings which are made less than 2 weeks before the booking.

1.2 Reservations will be confirmed via email by Canny Campers once a deposit has been received.

2. Cancellation Charges

2.1 If a cancellation is made the deposit of £100 per hired vehicle will not be returned.

2.2 The Hirer must inform Canny Campers of any cancellation as soon as possible. Canny Campers reserve the right to charge the full hire cost if the cancellation is made aware of within 2 weeks of the hire date.

3. Vehicle Availability

3.1 Canny Campers cannot accept responsibility for adverse weather conditions, or acts by other persons or organisations which may impact adversely on the Hire Date. All will be done to maintain appropriate standards despite difficulties outside of Canny Campers control.

3.2 Canny Campers will not accept liability for unavailability of any Vehicle due to breakdown, traffic congestion or accident. A full refund will be given but Canny Campers will not be liable for any further losses, missed connections and/or functions however caused. Bookings can be made for winter months however the Customer should make alternative provision if the vehicle is unable to attend due to adverse weather such as snow or dangerously icy driving conditions. A full refund including deposit will be given only in these circumstances.

3.3 Canny Campers has a 60s Campervan and a 70s Campervan, should you book just one of those vehicles and due to unforeseen circumstances it becomes unavailable, we will try and make the other vehicle available. This is not only subject to availability of the other vehicle but also dependent on when the original vehicle becomes unavailable i.e. this only works as a back up if it happens before we attend the booking. If we are required to substitute a vehicle that differs from your original requirement, a 20% discount to the total paid to Canny Campers for that booking will be given and paid back.

4. Vehicle Damage

4.1 The Hirer is fully responsible and liable for any damage caused whatsoever inside or outside the vehicles by themselves or any other party member on the Hire Date. This includes incitement to any third party which results in damage to the vehicles or their contents. The Hirer is liable for the total cost of the repair at a garage nominated by Canny Campers. In addition, The Hirer will reimburse Canny Campers for loss of bookings whilst the Vehicle is out of commission.

4.2 The Hirer will levy a £100.00 valeting charge if any vehicle is misused through food, drink or illness to rectify the damage caused.

4.3 Canny Campers will not be liable should any features of any campervan become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances before or during the wedding. This relates to items such as sound systems, champagne holders, champagne or personalised champagne flutes etc. Every effort will be taken to maintain a high level of service and maintenance and some items can be made available at a later date if broken on or just before the wedding day e.g personalised flutes.

5. Personal Belongings

5.1 Canny Campers do not accept responsibility for any personal belongings left in any Vehicle. The Hirer must ensure that all possessions belonging to the Hirer or any of his/her party are removed at the end of the Hire Date. Responsibility will not be accepted for the holding, storing or safeguarding of any items left in the Vehicles.

6. Seatbelts and Restraints

6.1 The vehicles are not fitted with seatbelts or restraints. It is not a legal requirement to provide any restraints however the front passenger seats do have a lap belts.

6.2 Children must remain seated at all times for their own safety and the safety of the driver.

6.3 No child under the age of three can be carried anywhere in the vehicles due to the lack of restraints. Canny Campers will only accept the booking on the basis that any children the “Hirer” approves for transportation in the campervans are aged three or more. Approval that children are aged three years or more will be assumed when the deposit is taken. Canny Campers will not be held liable should any children under the age of three be travelling in any of our hired vehicles.

7. Smoking

7.1 Smoking is not permitted within the Vehicles.

7.2 Vaping is permitted as long as not causing a danger to the driver i.e. excessive mist.

8. Photographs

8.1 Canny Campers may take photographs at your event, which may be used in marketing materials. If you object to this could you please advise us at the time of booking or at an appropriate time during the hire period.

9. Capacity

9.1 Not including the driver, a maximum of five passengers can be carried in each vehicle.

10. Title to the Vehicles

10.1 Paul Batey of Canny Campers will retain title of the vehicles.

11. Proper Law

11.1 These terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of Great Britain.

12. Liability

12.1 Canny Campers shall not be responsible for any injury, loss, damage, cost or expense suffered by the Hirer or Hirer’s party e.g., wedding guests and those involved in the Hirer’s wedding to the extent that it is caused by the negligence or wilful misconduct of the Hirer or by breach by the Hirer’s party of its obligations under this Agreement.

12.2 The aggregate liability of Canny Campers in respect of all defaults, claims, losses or damages howsoever caused, whether arising from breach of the Agreement, the supply or failure to Hire the Vehicles, misrepresentation (whether tortuous or statutory), tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall in no event exceed a sum equal to 125% of the Hire Rates paid or payable to Canny Campers; and;

in no event shall Canny Campers be liable to the other Party for any:

(a)        loss of profits;

(b)        loss of business;

(c)        loss of revenue loss of or damage to goodwill;

(d)        loss of savings (whether anticipated or otherwise); and/or

(e)        any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage.

12.3 Nothing in the Agreement shall be construed to limit or exclude Canny Campers liability for:

(a)          death or personal injury caused by its negligence or that of its Staff;

(b)          fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by it or that of its Staff; or

(c)          any other matter which, by law, may not be excluded or limited.

13. Canny Campers GDPR Statements:

13.1 Q. What do Canny Campers do with your personal data? A. The data is used to provide a quote and if booked it is used to provide the actual wedding transport package and correspondence up until the wedding day. The data may have two more uses but not definitely, firstly to make contact after the wedding maybe to ask for photos or something related to the service provided. Parts of the data may be examined for market research or to help write a wedding related blog and this information will remain anonymous, used only for facts and figures. Canny Campers will not sell your personal data to any third party.

13.2 Q. How long will Canny Campers keep personal data and when will it be destroyed? A. Canny Campers will keep your personal data for up to 4 years. Some data will remain longer such as accounting data used for HMRC purposes, this will likely just be a name of a payee, wedding date and amount paid.

13.3 Q. Who does Canny Campers allow to access the personal data and why? A. The personal data can be accessed by those working for Canny Campers in order to provide the service required and any related correspondence. The web-site is managed by Scott Salisbury and although feasibly could access the personal data he has no use for the information. Scott only has access as the web-site was built by him and is maintained by both Scott Salisbury and Canny Campers.

13.4 Q How does Canny Campers store personal data and how do I request it be destroyed early A. When completing the online enquiry form, you will be asked for certain personal data. This data will be held on our web-site database (password protected), our e-mail system for a time (password protected), home laptop, business memory stick and for a short time printed for use on the wedding day. Any printed personal data will be fully destroyed soon after the wedding day. If you would like this information deleted you can simply e-mail [email protected] and it will be fully removed from our mentioned locations. It is not possible to delete legally required data such as HMRC records until those records are no longer legally required. Canny Campers may keep HMRC information longer than legally required.

13.5 It is illegal to keep email databases of anyone that contains personal information ie kate@ david@ without the express consent of the addressee. Canny Campers do hold a database with email addresses of this nature and use the data as per the details in 13.1. Any enquiry form submitted will be assumed to have given written consent for Canny Campers to use the data as per the described. To that end a note of intention has been added to the start of the online enquiry form.

By making a booking, The Hirer has entered into a binding contract with Canny Campers.

Due to the age of the Vehicles we recommend that all Hirers plan for any unforeseen events and have alternative travel arrangements prepared.