Little Joe had a major restoration in 2016, but being a nearly 60 year old piece of automotive history and a wedding vehicle to boot, its important to keep on top of the bodywork.

That’s why it was decided to give the camper a partial respray and some required repairs in 2020.

In 2016 we couldn’t get a solid door for the passenger side for love nor money and had to do a light bodge to that door. A solid driver door was available in Splitscreen van world but cost us £750 and still required work but it turned out well.

In 2019 we managed to get the door we needed in 2016! I also found some rot coming through on the bottom sill of the long panel and this needed replacing.

If your going to add new panels to two sides, you might as well splash out on a proper all round respray and get the benefit of a full colour match and more longevity.

That’s what was decided and ‘Little Joe’ got even more investment (big thanks the the previous wedding couples bookings, which make this possible)

Massive thanks to Tommy and Jay Parker for all of the hard work repairing and respraying the campervan, you won’t get a better pair to work on your pride and joy!

If you want to see the 2016 resto you can find that here: Little Joe Resto 2016

Such a good job done in 2016, it has lasted really well for a camper that does more wedding mileage than I cover in my daily driver!

Lets not forget the stunning interior refit done by All Things Timber and Bromsgrove Auto Trimmers in 2018, you can find that here Little Joe Resto 2018

2020 is a nice interval to bring ‘Little Joe’ back up to top notch condition again and even add a belt of chrome deluxe trim with a flash of red piping to match the interior piping on the seats.

Just 20 photos below as got loads!: