This is the only VW Festival Julie and I have attended this year and it is Julies favourite.

I love the event as well but being held late in September it does have a slight undertone of melancholia, as the VDubbers are becoming acutely aware that the season of happiness is coming to an end and winter is upon us.

This is not a bad thing about the event and actually is sort of a cosy feeling that I only experience at this festival and no others.

Dubs in’t Dales 2015 is bigger and it’s better than Dubs in’t Dales 2014, your every wish at a VW Festival is provided for.

They have a fantastic barn which acts as a central point with amazing bands playing across the weekend.

This year they had better stalls than I have seen before and I ended up spending the best part of £100. I am trying to put together a small case of props to put in our camper for photo opportunities at the weddings and the stalls did the trick to get me started.

The PIMMS Van is always a nice addition, I usually have 1 small refreshing drink on an afternoon from the van, and this year I got a jug and was surprised how strong it was. I ended up tipsy pretty early on in the day!

For Rugby fans the event organisers had erected a large screen outside in order to watch the game and it was well used. I am not really into rugby but still enjoyed the atmosphere.

The event is held at Camp Katur and they do so many outdoor things all year round including a large selection of yurts and tipi’s that you can stay in.

Check out the web-site

What is really good about Dubs in’t Dales is the fact you have so many facilities if you want to use them, the toilets are very clean compared to many other events. They even have flushing toilets in the car park.

They also have 2 camping areas, so if you are taking the family you can be away from the noisier field. We stayed in family camping and on the Friday it was totally silent by half 11, the Saturday was a bit noisier but nothing much to worry about.

We had a relaxing weekend and just stayed around the camper for the first night with my old faithful wynnster tent that I have had for 15 years and used it regularly. It leaks like a sieve now but its going nowhere. Too many happy memories!

We did have a moment on the Friday when the box of wine kicked in and we bounced around the barn for an hour but had to head back due to exhaustion and the fact I accidently left my gas lamp on.

We didn’t do all that much other than relax and enjoy the weekend as it was a long over-due deserved break.

We are coming to the end of our 2015 weddings and 2016 is going to be our busiest yet based on current bookings.

In 2016 we will be introducing the props box in the campervan, but the main thing for 2016 will be Little Joe’s full strip down bodywork and re-spray. Don’t worry we will be keeping him the same colours as before.

Thank you to all of the couples and families who have supported this business since 2009, we really do appreciate it and we are very proud to be part of your big day. As a small company I love the fact we are part of people’s lives in a way they will never forget.

Ok here are the photos from Dubs In’t Dales 2015.



































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