To all you brides to be and married couples that have used Canny Campers over the past few years. Thank you for your support and please feel free to browse our new web-site.

Canny Campers has been providing quality VW transport since 2009, our VW’s improve every season as we invest our money in ensuring our cars and service are the best they can be.

2013 is now the right time to improve our web-site, start to blog and even that thing called Twitter will get an airing.

This web-site is far superior to our old hand-made one, and better represents the service we do offer. Check out the testimonials and see feedback from happy customers, canny customers and excitable customers!

I have to still pay tribute to our little old site however, Julie did so well to create a web-site with no prior knowledge and it did us proud.

Big thanks goes out to Scott (James) Salisbury who has designed and created this web-site. Scott is a truly dedicated, professional and talented web professional who is also my Cousin.

I am going to get the hang of blogging as well and try and provide some useful information on here from time to time. It will most likely be wedding related or VW related so check in with us.

2013 will also see Canny Campers release some unique wedding favours that we are currently designing. Bird Cage style favours in various patterns and colours and even a carousel favour is intended.

The new wedding favours will be available from this web-site soon (with a bit of luck!)

Watch this space and happy planning to all you brides and grooms…

Paul & Julie